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"Blip on the Nielsen radar"
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Welcome to a new feature on the blog, "Wind Sprints." Much like the endurance-building exercise of a hockey team, we'll do four notes - blue line, red line, far blue line and goal line.

At the end, instead of being exhausted, you'll be better informed. Or both.

Blue Line
It's going to be an odd site watching Mike Richards skate on Wells Fargo ice Saturday.

Wearing those gaudy purple, black, silver, white sweaters the L.A. Kings call uniforms, the man who was the present and future of the Flyers, who was compared to Bobby Clarke, who was the leader, the gritty center, the face of a franchise, Mike Richards, that same guy, will be the enemy.

It's something you never thought would be possible when Richards inked that 85-year contract a few summers ago. Then came a disappointing end to the 2010-11 season, and the Flyers sent their young captain packing.

I hope the fans give Richie a nice ovation. After all, he was there when it all fell apart and the Flyers were the worst team in hockey. From that, he was saddled with a captaincy at a young age and helped lead the Flyers to several deep playoff runs and an Eastern Conference title.

This is a guy who have his all, so give it up Saturday for Richie.

Red Line
How will Illya Bryzgalov bounce back? In the last blog (http://my.hockeybuzz.com/...58&post_id=12025) I explained that Vancouver's four tallies Wednesday were far from Bryz's fault, but I would hope he wants to put that ugly number far behind him.

And for $51 million, that's something we should expect.

Far Blue Line
Interesting read from Bill Meltzer (http://www.hockeybuzz.com...s-Musings-101411/45/38866) today, notably the portion about Jaromir Jagr not being a prima donna after all.

The image of Jagr - a player Flyers fans hated with a deep, deep passion, a guy for whom "Dude Looks Like A Lady" played every time he took the ice in Philly - in orange and black is still jarring. His offseason signing was hardly popular, largely because of his history as a rival and his reputation. Interesting insight that in this case, perception may not be close to reality.

Goal Line
I really, really hope this story about Flyers fans booing a cancer awareness ad goes away. This is crap. Total, biased, lazy crap.

Have you seen the Hockey Fights Cancer spot? If not, check it out. Then imagine sitting in an arena watching a game, and at a stoppage in play a person you loathe pops up on the screen without warning.

Reaction? BOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

People eventually figured out it was an ad for Hockey Fights Cancer and the booing died down, but that's not the national media's story. Instead, it's again how Philly sports fans are the most awful human beings in the history of mankind.

That is the easy, lazy story to write. We know, because we see it over, and over, and over. Meanwhile on the west coast, people are in comas or dying after attacks outside stadiums.

But no, Philly sports fans are the worst because 50 years ago people threw snowballs at Santa.

Let. It. Go.
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