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Spezza to Calgary?

Every year there seems to be someone putting out a rumor that leaves me laughing out loud. Since the lockout every expert panel from TSN to The Hockey News says Iginla needs a number one centre. Now I'm not here to debate if he needs the centre I'm here to debate the rumors. I was at last nights Ottawa vs. Calgary game and could say that if Flames fans are angry with Todd's defensive play then Ottawa must be mad as hell with Spezza. It's funny how Ottawa and Toronto have switched places this year. Toronto was a team with assets that where frozen with no movement clauses, now Ottawa seems to be in that boat this year.

Let's look at Ottawa's 4 large contracts.

Dany Heatley = 7.5 Million NTC 5 years left
Jason Spezza = 7.0 Million NTC next season 6 years left
Daniel Alfredsson = 4,338,996 NTC 3 years left
Mike Fisher = 4,200,000 4 years left

Now let's look at Calgary
Jarome Iginla = 7.0 Million NTC 4 years left
Daymond Langkow = 4,500,000 3 years left
Dion Phaneuf = 6.5 million 5 years left
Miikka Kiprusoff = 5.8 million 5 years left

(all are cap hit totals.)

Now time to debate.

Jason Spezza has 26 points this season playing off and on with Heatly and alfredsson.
Mike Cammalleri has 29 points playing off and on with Iginla.
Daymond Langkow has 25 points playing second line minutes with Bertuzzi who also has 25 points.

Ottawa has 4 players with 20 points or more, while Calgary has 7. Now I don't believe that Spezza will be the answer or the player that pushes calgary over the edge. I do believe that if Calgary keeps most of this team together next year they will be a monster of a team. Bourque, Moss and Glencross look like players that are starting to deliver that secondary scoring that the Flames have missed for so long. They have also been winning games without Iginla's total take over of a game.

The flames would be better off adding small pieces to a team that seems to be on the right track. To trade for a player that is not a sure bet to improve the team is a gamble the Flames can ill afford to take. But what do I know I'm just a fan blogging on someone else web site. Spezza could come to Calgary and become a superstar under Iron Mike or just turn into a big bust that will be hard to get rid of. For Ottawa's sake I hope they get rid of him and land some great prospects for the future. Just as long Calgary is not involved.

The Nuke

Please feel free to add your comments and suggest other players that would work for Calgary.
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December 29, 2008 11:12 AM ET | Delete
Spezza to Calgary...I doubt it, I think Spezza is a great player who happens to have no respect for his coach, that wouldn't happen here. Having said that if you were a Sens fan and they traded a talent like Spezza and got a few prospects you'd be pissed. Any deal made with Calgary the other G.M. will want Backlund and honestly if Sutter wanted to do that then Jokenin would be a Flame today.
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