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First things first this has been the craziest off season I can ever remember.. That being said alot of people think the Flyers took a Huge step back.... I disagree maybe a small step back but not a big one... Richards and Carter will be missed... however we did get some good pieces back.. Voracek and Simmonds are young and capabale of having Career years this year, now the Simmonds deal isn't done some say its close some say it isn't, however Voracek can be a real key player this year. He had 46 pts and was a -3 on a bad Columbus team... 2.25M Cap hit for a 50 pt total a year isnt bad at all... Lenio signs for around 4.5 a year for 6 years, mind you Lenio only 53 Pts last year 7 more points then Voracek??? Great deal, theres only problem its a one year deal which i don't understand... IF Voracek has a great year next how much will he cost??? Schenn is the gem in the deals this kid could be awesome however I don't see a 20 goal season from him this year I feel more like 10-15 goals this year for around 35-40 Pts.. It depends on who he plays with but he can play defense which Lavy will love...I expect a solid rookie season with an outside chance for the Calder..Also if the Flyers have something up there sleeve then maybe Schenn isn't up with the Flyers he may go down to the Phantoms to free cap i don't see it but who knows it is an option... Now to today's pickups ahhh 68 Jagr i see alot of people complaining on this one and sure there are some risks he is 39 however Lidstrom is 41 and you don't see people saying hes too old also Jagr hasn't played in the NHL in 3 years, but it is a one year deal good in this case because of the JVR factor next year... this is a shot in the dark most likely but even if he gets you 20-25 goals thats the same Lenio would have gave the Flyers anyway but in reality you save about 1.2 on the Cap... The Talbot signing i thought was a great pickup he's not flashy but he's a great PK guy and 3rd/4th line guy who will chip in some timely and clutch goals... remember when the Pens won the cup in GM 7 he was the only goal scorer in that game not Crosby not Malkin.. Talbot had 2 goals hes also good on faceoffs so i think thats a great signing... now to Lilja is a 2 yr deal worth 737,500 a year not bad for a veteran DMan.. he is a stay home guy nothing flashy blocks a lot of shots type guy i think its mostly a depth move i really think the Flyers expect Gustafsson to make the team this year so maybe he and Lilja will split time.. Alot of people also forget that will did sign Bryzgalov oh yea remember him...he had 7 shutouts last year we didnt have one...not saying its all on the goalie but the Flyers finally got a goalie you can steal a game... no i mean steal a game something we haven' had in a long time... Some other rumors are bringing back Simon Gagne if the price is right i am all for it but i feel its gonna have to be around 2.5-3 M per cause as of right now the Flyers have 3.2 left on the Cap according to Capgeek... in saying i think Shelley gets waived or sent to the minors so you have about 4.3 to sign Simmonds and Gagne.. so we will see. I don't think the Flyers are done yet by any means I keep hearing the Flyers are gonna do something big again... I don't see it but at this point nothing will shock me any more well maybe if Giroux gets traded... As of right now i see this team a 4th or 5th seed in the East i think you have to like what Buffalo has done even tho i still think they need another scorer/Center ... Boston will be strong again... Pitt will be good with Crosby and Malkin back and Washington even tho the never seem to upgrade there defense which mindboggles me ... Hamrlik isnt a upgrade sorry.....I don't think the Flyers are done bt any means so this could all be for not who knows.....Well thats all for now I guess what see whats next for the Orange and Black
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