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What Would You Do?

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The Edmonton Oilers hold the first overall pick and General Manager Steve Tambellini has publicly stated that he would move the pick if he got the best deal for his team. Do you think he should move this pick or should he stay the course and keep the pick?

I think if he gets a hell of an offer for the pick then I think he should definetly trade the pick because he already has an abundance of prospects coming up the schute with three players already on their roster in Eberle, Paajarvi and Hall.

The draft isn't considered one of the deepest in recent memory with a lot of players needing more work in juniors or in the minors and not many players ready to make the jump to the NHL in their first season. Their isn't a Stamkos, Tavares, Duchene or Jeff Skinner in the crop that is a sure fire bet to make the roster right out of junior.

I see Tambellini keeping the pick because teams wont overpay even though it is the first overall pick because there not getting one of the aformentioned players. There are too many factors coming into play with this pick for the Oilers and what there fans might want to see.

Having a guy like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on your roster definetly wont hurt your team especially with Eberle, Gagner, Hall and Paajarvi their to teach him the ropes, but I still see Hopkins going back to play with Red Deer when the season starts because he needs to beef up and put more upperbody muscle on to control the puck down low especially in the Western Conference where some of the best centre's in the game are right now.
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