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looming tidbits

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due to the high possability of some trades that could occur between today and july here are some trades that are possible.

Robyn Regehr to Buffalo
Great story here Robyn gets an opportunity to leave Calgary for the good of the team and goes to become one of the best defensemen in the league in Buffalo

Zach Parise to Toronto
Brian Burke and Lou Lameriello have been friends for quite some time. Burke knows NJ is in heavy finacial trouble right now and he's willing to take Parise off their hands so Kovalchuk has more access to shine in NJ and give some finacial flexability to Devils franchise.

Paul Statsny to Toronto
Due to the Brad Richards situation right now. I believe Paul is a viable option to Burke. His salary is a little high but what he could Phil Kessel in particular would be that playmaking centre this team has been lacking.

Philadelphia Flyers
with the moves made yesterday I think they are actually better then what people give them credit yes it's Mike Richards and Jeff Carter two explosive offensive threats in their own right. But they didn't get along with some of the members of the team in the dressing room.

This is my first blog I'm just giving thoughts and scenarios
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