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The Banana Incident

Posted 12:53 AM ET | Comments 4
rather than try to retell the whole story ill just assume everyone has heard of this and to those who havnt direct you to espn.com to check it out.
basically a banana was thrown from the stands at Wayne simmonds during a shootout attempt.

This is my first blog and done from my Iphone so cut me some slack. that being out of the way lets jump into this.

first up the fact that espn had to say Simmonds, "Who is black"... is a little rediculous to me because the article gives no facts that this incident was race driven, the writer just jumps right in assuming it was race related and thus a race issue is born for this season...

it just bothers me that we as americans are so gungho about proving that no one has any issues with race anymore, and in doing so we have created another witch hunt. there is no proof thus far that i have come across indicating that the "fan" who threw the banana did so because "simmons is black." the fact the the article goes strait to "someone threw a banana at a black guy" and not "someone threw a banana at a member of the flyers" proves that this isnt just a news article. its a witch hunt.

id like to stop here and indicate for those of you who may be concerend, that i am not condoning the banana throwers actions, and i think whoever did it is an A**Hole and should be punished accordingly... im just stateing that to jump strait to the conclusion that simmonds was targeted for the color of his skin and not the color of his jersey proves that race is still a more tender topic than people would like to admit, and that our country needs to take a step back before racism becomes the next witch hunt.

i know that sounds like im projecting a little furthur then this issue would ever go, and i agree, im just trying to point out the fact that over reacting to an incident without full facts and trying to exhibit our righteous fury in an attempt to prove or own lack of racism is its own form of racism.
if race really isnt an issue to most people in our modern melting pot of a society, then why is racism our first answer to this random act of dumbassery? maybe somd drunk wings fan just didnt want his banana, and didnt want his team to loose.
September 23, 2011 11:03 AM ET | Delete
I dont know if it pertains to this specific incident but I do agree, people love to rush and claim things as "racist" in the USA now due to being beat in the head by political correctness.
September 23, 2011 11:17 AM ET | Delete
Sorry, who brings a banana to a hockey game and then throws it at the only guy on the ice (during his shootout attempt) for any reason other than racism?What does the colour of his Jersey have anything to do with it?
September 23, 2011 11:37 AM ET | Delete
I think it's too much to be a coincidence, here. You say: it just bothers me that we as americans are so gungho about proving that no one has any issues with race anymoreAnd I agree, but not in the way you mean it. There are still major issues with race in this and other countries (speaking as someone who cleans up the dregs of this site, I can attest this is not a US only phenomenon), and this does appear to be another example.
September 23, 2011 11:41 AM ET | Delete
Another thing worth pointing out: this technically happened in Canada.
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