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Opening Night Line-up!

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Alright guys just decided to write a blog about the upcoming lineup this season.enjoy!

So were all assuming Mats Sundin isnt coming back and for most of us we hope he doesnt for the good.(Tavares,Hedstrom,B.Schenn).And with the McCabe deal to be anounced in the next few days, and the rumored return to possibly be Van Ryn and Zednik for McCabe and Poni. This is how i would like to see our starting line-up come october.

1st line:

2nd line:

3rd line:
(Steen)Hagman-Stajan-Zednik(if aquired)

4th line:

1st D pairing:

2nd D Pairing:
Van Ryn-Stralman

3rd D pairing:
Finger-Frogren(good defensive pairing)

7th D:

Send Ian White to the minors or trade him off.

So this is how i see the lines opening night what do you think?
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