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Ever Drink a nice ice cold glass of water? Now, ever drinks a plastic bottle of water with that distinct plasticy taste??? And don't even make me bring up the beer in the plastic bottle, Blasphemy! Distinct difference in my opinion and since this is my blog, all you get is my opinion. And since this is my blog, I get to make up words like plasticy. Now imagine tasting beer or champagne from a nice cold silver cup. The cold metal, the large opening similar to a red wine glass or a cognac sifter allowing the aroma to hit your nose before the liquid reaches your taste buds. That's right folks, I am talking about Lord Stanley's Mug, The Stanley Cup and the sweet nectar it can provide.
Why am I taking sips from the cup so soon you ask? Because I witnessed it last night! I saw it for the first time this play-off season. Hunger. Desire. Focus. Determination. Now all these qualities have been on display since April, but one team showed they had a little more than the rest. The Detroit Red Wings!
This series with San Jose was predicted to be extremely exciting (exciting = lots of goals). It has been without the excessive goals and has been a give and go series, but I saw it! In last nights game, The wings just seamed to want it more. They wanted to wash themselves of that "tag". You know that tag. They're great during the regular season, but come play-off time....
This is a different team than years past, but similar to the cup teams as well. Grit, finesse, playmaking, puck possession, dump and chase, offense, defense, fast, physical, but most importantly ADVERSITY. They've been through it and can play through it. They did play through it, they fought and grinded out every game. The Wings have shown hunger, but it is their thirst that they want to quench. And they may just yet!
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