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Leafs need a change

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The leafs lost another game, probably the most important game of the season. With the caps win tonight that leaves the leafs 4 pts out of 8th and sinking fast.

Yesterday, Burke elected to not make any roster moves, which he should have because in the past two seasons the team has responded well to a roster shake with great runs late in the season, now i believe Burke is left with no other choice but to fire Ron Wilson. It is now clear that the team is not responding to him whatsoever, as well as the fact that he has lost his goaltenders by the heavy criticism he has placed on the them in the past few weeks. In the post game interview when Wilson was asked about the chants from fans "fire wilson" during the third he seemed passive and unemotional, when most would expect the "old" Ron Wilson to have some sort of witty remark in response, instead a simple, "its frustrating, but understandable".

Now the easiest part is finding a new coach, I believe 110% Dallas Eakins should be promoted he is a young coach that will fit in perfectly with the NHL's second youngest team. Eakins has the Marlie's on top of their division and playing some great hockey consistently all season long, something the big club has been lacking...consistency. Dallas would in my opinion revitalize this young team and get James Reimer's confidence back where it was last year, as well as help the team become more defensively responsible in front of Reimer, which after tonight's game it has become more apparent that they need lots of work in that area.

So what do you think leafs fans should Wilson be fired, who do you think will be the best fit with this young and speedy squad?
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first blog looking for some constructive criticism
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