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Doc Emrick announced earlier today that his 21 year hall-of-fame run as the play-by-play announcer for the New Jersey Devils television broadcast has come to its end. The 64 year old has grabbed the hearts of so many Devil's fans through the years with his distinctive nasally voice and his tremendous ability to keep any hockey game entertaining. What will be missed just as much as his announcing ability is his relationship with his long time partner in the broadcast booth Chico Resh. Their connection was stronger than that of any other co-broadcasters. They are both so grateful for their careers and love everything about their job, especially the game of hockey.

There is no doubt no Devil game will ever be the same without Doc and Chico cracking jokes and telling stories of their passed experiences. Doc and Chico made the games of the first half of the Devils 2010-11 season watchable.

Thankfully, we have not yet met the day that ended the career of this legendary broadcaster as he still will be in the booth of games on NBC and VERSUS throughout the season. Living Rooms across America will still be thrilled with his energetic calls and always-changing phrases. We will still hear "swaggers away from one" and "finesses it into the corner" for at least one more season, but as a Devil fan today was a sad day as we lost one of the most important parts of our history as a franchise of the best there is. Whether Steve Cangialosi is Doc;s replacement or a new guy is brought in, there is no way of denying, the average Devil's game will not be the same without Doc behind the mic.
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