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Crazy tade Buffalo style

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Well seeing how Buffalo as of late have been on a winning streak, not to mention all of the trade rumors around Pegulaville; Buffalo is in search of a trade. Here are my thoughts:
Trade: Roy,Stafford,Sekera,Gragnani, 1st rnd pick, 2nd rnd pick (conditional)
to Nashville for
Weber, Wilson, and 3rd & 4th rnd picks (conditional)

NOW these are crazy thoughts of mine but I think they could happen. Otherwise I would suspect BUF to trade : Roy, Stafford, Boyes, Hecht, Gragnani, Weber, Sekera, early picks (1-3) and maybe Gaustad and Vanek permitting a good offer back. BUF is in the hunt for: Parise, Dustin Brown, Iginla, Weber. In my mind they should get Mikko Koivu or Keith Yandle in a trade (just think Myers & Yandle on a line, or even Vanek-Koivu-Ennis)
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