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How Do We Get Parise?

Posted 4:37 PM ET | Comments 0
Clarkson is now a player who is in the talks of being traded.

Mr. Todd Cordell's blog had talked about this.

Clarkson who is recieving about $3 million seems like the perfect escape.

Most people say "TRADE ROLSTON!"

Well...Rolston has a NTC.


Rolston who I think has a hell of a slapshot hasnt been doing much. We are paying him for 25 goals...How many did he get last year? No offense but hes a waste of space. (And Money.)

White is a defenseman..He's been with the Devils for 11 years!...White in my opinion should go ASAP. Sadly he has an a NTC.

The question is how do we get Parise?

Do we trade or do we buy out a few players.

I'm sure Lou will find an easy way to get Parise. For now we must sit and wait....
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