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In all likelihood, the Rangers will sign Brad Richards. I am very disappointed about this because the Rangers were on the right track. They have a nice young core, have built the team through the draft and have good players on the horizon. Now the cap space is gone. We have another buyout in waiting.

Does Brad Richards make the Rangers better for the next couple of years. Of course he does and I am excited to watch him this year. But is the rest of the team ready to win? The answer is no. Chris Kreider has another year in BC and the other kids need time to develop. Mcylrath, Thomas and Del Zotto need time. Richards will fill a gap but he won't speed up the development of the kids.

8 years is a long time. Brad Richards will be approaching his 39th birthday. Marian Gaborik will be gone already. Lundqvist will probably be gone by that time, and the player we choose to keep is Brad Richards?

Does Richards really want to come to New York or is it the money that is driving him? Everyone wants to come to New York because everyone knows Glen Sather will pay an arm and a leg for a player. Obviously Brad Richards is interested in hearing the Rangers offer because he knows they will pay the most.

So sleep well tonight Rangers fans because tomorrow our whiz of a general manager will put this team steps behind where we would have been if we kept developing the kids. Just remember when we boo Richards in 3 years that we're not booing him for signing a ridiculous contract. We're booing the man who will be willing to sign Richards to that ridiculous contract.
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