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Kennedy and Shero????

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Lost in Jagrwatch, is Ray Shero mismanaging assets. I am still lost as to why, he did not tender offer Tyler Kennedy allowing him a fast track to UFA status. If they tendered the offer, TK would file for arbitration, and then they would have until Aug to sign him. If they lost the arbitration, they could chose to walk away and in turn get a compensatory pick in the upcoming draft……..Shero would be able to trade Kennedy’s rights up until the arbitration hearing.
Instead they didn’t offer him a tender, and he will be a UFA at 12:00 PM tomorrow. Why, this has not been asked or questioned. IF he was so important why not control his rights, Control the negotiations, and ensure a return on a 20 goal scorer.
I feel Kennedy is vastly replaceable. I actually feel that they have 2-4 guys already in the system that could be just as effective in his limited role. He’s a 3rd liner…that’s it. He’s not good enough to be a legitimate top 6 forward on any contender(he’s not a top 4 winger any of these teams, Van, Anh, SJ, LA, Cal, Det, Chi, Stl, Col, TB, WAS, PHI, NYI, NJ, Bos, Mon, Ott, Car, Buf, Tor). He’s not a pk guy, and he has no real shoot out specialty, and he’s very questionable as a PP guy. If you really think about it, if you have Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Neal, Kunitz up front already…not to mention the possibility of Jagr, or young guys like Jeffries& Tangradi(who have already shown a more significant PP acumen each) where does he fit. Who sits to give TK pp time? Compounded by the fact that Crosby, Malkin and Letang play about 1:40-1:50 of each PP.
But he’s a tenatous, 24 y/o 20goal scoring winger……why not secure a return??????
If he walks…..there are questions, if he’s signed for too much there are questions, and with this market how could he not be overpaid on the open market….because he’s just a 3rd liner…
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