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Free Agency - A New Year

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Welcome to Hard Disc Hockey; our blog of all things NHL, and bits of info from other areas of the sport of hockey. I hope you enjoy, hate or otherwise react to the comments posted here. I look forward to your discussion of these posts.

Well here we go! Today is July 1st, the day all NHL GMs and fanbases believe is the beginning of a Stanley Cup Championship. For one team, it is; for all others, not. Many teams are making moves in an attempt to improve their rosters or replace players lost to free agency. Some did well, some did not do so well.

We will evaluate every team in the NHL, based on their activity during Free Agent Frenzy. We use a simple grading system; a GOAL for improvement and/or interesting changes, and a RUBBER BISCUIT for overpaying for talent or lack of change.

We will always do everything we can for the benefit of our friends in Canada; so we will translate when necessary. So, for all of the hockey fans, north of the border; GOAL=GOOD, and RUBBER BISCUIT=BAD.

Now for the grades:

Anaheim Ducks - Rubber Biscuit
The Ducks lose Andreas Lilja and make no moves. Nuff' said.

Boston Bruins - Rubber Biscuit
Yes, you are the Stanley Cup Champions. But, losing Michael Ryder and making no moves is a loss.

Buffalo Sabres - GOAL
New ownership and new players translates to excitement in Buffalo.

More to come ....
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