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"Gray Talks Pure Hockey"
Nashville, TN • United States • 26 Years Old • Male
Wherever and however you are reading this today, thank you for making the Gray Area part of your day. This is the first ever blog written on the Hockey Buzz website. My goal is to reach more hockey fans around the world through this site. I think you will find I write very upfront about what I think about the teams around the league and grade my favorites the harshest of all. I want to talk about hockey, its players, teams, franchise rulers, and talent around the world. My teams are first the team I first bit the rubber with the Pittsburgh Penguins and yes I love Sidney Crosby. The other team is my local team here in Nashville the Predators. No I am not a transplanted northerner to the south; I am a southerner who grew up playing hockey. My family however is all from the Steel City which ingrains me with an ability to analyze a team and pick out every little flaw. Most of you know in Pittsburgh, as with most championship towns, if you don't win a championship you came up short. I am hoping Nashville will learn to do the same.

This blog will talk about big news around the league as well the world in hockey. I will cover as much about Nashville as possible because I am local and would like to intern for them. For those interested my main blog is at chrisgrayarea.wordpress.com and you can follow me on twitter @ChrisGrayArea. I welcome all emails of any type especially what you want me to talk about or how I can improve. My email is [email][email protected][/email] Thank you for making this part of your day!

-Gray Out!
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