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Hello to all hockey fans that read this blog and any of my future blogs! I am a student of Hockey! I have been a hockey fan since the day I was conceived! (I know it sounds impossible but I came out in a Leafs sweater!) I play pick up, mostly because I was never good enough to actually play and couldn't afford to play when I was a child. I love the sport. I am new to this whole blogging thing (I know behind on the times much?). I plan to blog as much as possible. I will be blogging about the Toronto Maple Leafs, The NHL in general and other topics that have to do with hockey.
My first piece of blogging business. The Toronto Maple Leafs. They are my favourite team in all of sports (Yes, I do pay attention to other sports so I may refer to them at times for comparison sake). As I previously stated, I was born in a Leafs sweater. I was born and will die a Leafs fan. I realize that we are going through some tough times right now and I will do my best to be objective with all articles that I write. I am not the "dreamer" Leafs fan who says that we will win the cup this year. Hoping for the playoffs is where my thoughts are right now. I am a realist. The Leafs are far from the magnitude of teams such as Pittsburgh, Boston, Detroit, San Jose, and Chicago to name a few. I will refer back to the upper echelon of the NHL in a bit. I do like the direction that the team is going. I am hopeful but far from guaranteeing a Stanley Cup.
The NHL. I feel that the NHL is divided into three levels. Upper Class, Middle Class and Lower Class. As I stated before I feel that Pitts, Boston, Philly and Wash are the upper class of the East. In the West, I feel it is Detroit, SJ, Chicago, and Vancouver. These teams I expect to make the playoffs every year and if they don't I will be honestly and truthfully surprised. Middle class teams are the teams that are in the middle of the pack that range usually from 5th to 9th or 10th in their conferences. Teams such as Atlanta, Minnesota, Montreal, Phoenix, Buffalo, Dallas, LA, Tampa Bay and Carolina. There are teams such as Toronto and Calgary, who are trending one way or the other. Upwards in Toronto's case and Downwards in Calgary's. Teams I feel have the basement covered are Edmonton (Though they will be flying through the ranks soon with all of their young talent), Colorado, NYI (Same boat as EDM), Ottawa and Florida. I know that some people are going to read this article and criticize my rankings of the teams. I know I left a few out. The teams I left out I consider fringe teams. Teams that are on the fringe between middle and lower.
Over the next 30 days I am going to analyze each team in my opinion and release my own personal predictions on where each team will place in their conferences. Thanks for reading and remember that the only way to gain knowledge is to form an opinion and the only way to form an opinion is to hears others. Criticism is the best learning tool. So I welcome it and enjoy it.
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