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I like what the Oilers have done since July 1. I like them bringing Smytty back more than I can express with meer characters in a text box. I loved watching the Oilers when Smytty was here. I love Smytty. He just seems like such a genuine guy who clearly loves this city and the proud history of this organization. I can buy into that. I hope some of that rubs off on the baby Oilers. I hope that 12 years from now I can hear Hallsy or Ebs say "If you cut me open, I'd probably bleed blue..." Atta boy Smytty! I hope that Hemsky/Horcoff/Smyth have a chance to play on a line together and to re-ignite that chemistry. To be honest, I don't think that Hemsky has had that kind of connection with anyone else that he has played with.

I also like the tough that is coming Edmonton's way. I have a few hockey friends in Vancouver who used to be Edmontonians and they are horrified that Ben Eager is coming to play in Oil country. Vancouver fans just don't like him. They think he's a truck full of stupid with not much upside. I confess to kinda liking the way Eager took it to Vancouver in the Playoffs. I hope he can bring more of that to the table when he is in Edmonton. I like Darcy Hortichuk too. I like lippy little poop disturbers. Heck I gave birth to a couple of them (not hockey boys though, unfortunately. My boys are more musician types.)

I don't like giving away Cogs for a second rounder but I understand that it had to be that way. Too many salaries, not enough roster spots. I liked Cogs, he was a player that seemed to give it his all every night. Too bad about his stone-hands. He just never got the approval and help of Lady Luck. I hope he does well in Anaheim, although not too well, and not against us (it's bound to happen though. Players that leave the Oilers always have a way of coming back and sticking it too us.)

I'm sad to see Big Mac go but I understand the reasoning there too. No one wants to fight him and he can't really skate too well. What is the point of dressing him if no one wants to dance with him and he only plays 4 minutes in 60? No point. I will miss him though, he's a really nice guy. I met him at a Rexall Drugs opening.

I hope that the Oilers stick it out with Gagner for at least another couple seasons. I think this kid is going to shine when he finds his place, on the right line, with the right teammates.
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