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There is not much to read about these days but this is definitely something that highlights what a special talent we have as a 3rd line center. Considering the company he keeps on this list I thought it was worth discussing. This kid might well be the best 3rd line center in hockey some day.

All we need to do now is give this kid some consistency in his wingers and the talent to support his growth. I feel really bad for the kid. He has had to play with a lot of 4th liners that he is forced to carry during the first two years of his career. I would like to see Galiardi on his wing on a consistent basis along with someone like Jones to give the kid a chance to not only play defensive hockey but put up some offensive numbers that we all know he is capable of.

We as fans tend to focus a lot on the wingers for the first two lines. A lot of people would put Jones up with Stastny. That is all fine but we need to spread the talent around a bit. I hope we are deep enough this year that we can see Radar given some consistent support on the wings.

What do you guys think his wings should be? My vote..

Galiardi - Radar - Jones

Well here is the link to the TSN Story done by, Scott Cullen.


I apologize for the newb blogg as this is my first on Hockeybuzz. There is not much to read about so I thought it would be fun to contribute some discussion for the Avalanche faithful. Mad props to Aaron and his blogs I hope I can keep up with the bar that he has set for us all. Thanks for reading
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