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I have been a hockey fan for much of 35 years and being born into the hub of hockey I think I can tell you alot about it! What we have seen from the Boston Bruins is NOT hockey. I understand owning, operating and producing a successful hockey team can all be different things. Yes it is a business. As much as we do not want to admit it. The bottom line is most owners that have not bought into the sport, have bought into the business and the business is the almighty dollar! That being said, what has our $ got for us?

Point in case, Jeremy Jacobs cannot fill the Boston BankNorth Garden. So what does he do? Buffalo vs Bruins, he gives each concession worker and staff from Buffalo a free ticket to see the Sabres play in Boston. He owns the concessions for both Buffalo and Boston. This being said, it is a win situation for him. The more people in the seats the more concessions bought, and the more people think the stands are full.

It is time to revamp and reload and embrace the new style of the NHL or at least come out fighting. These players don't even stand up for each other anymore. There is a place for fighting and when you best player get's run behind the net and no one goes after the guy that did it.....disgusting! It is a young mans game. Those that hussle and skate hard and finish checks and are willing to stick there nose into every tussle. Those playing for the name on the front of the jersey and not the name and money that is on the back! That is where it is! Those are the guys you want on your team even if they lose. You see the heart in the player and you see the will and determination of each guy out there. We saw a little in Thomas this year, as he played well beyond his potential. I had him pegged as a backup at best. Someone road a nice wave that John Blue missed years back!

Boston, it is time for a wake up call. Send murray to SJ or LA and get some young blood in for him or take Toskala or Nobakov. I salute Thomas for his year with no help, but he is not going to duplicate it. Let's go out and grab Jason Blake and some young legs with wheels to match kessle and savard and bergeron! Those guys have it! No more chances, go for the proven player and someone tell Chara to start playing BIG and like a captain!

I eagerly await the off season, the draft, the free agency as I am tired of not making the playoffs and watching a mediocre team make someone who doesn't have the passion and love of the sport money!
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