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I was pleased to see the Senators organization extend Chris Neil's contract. I feel this was a no brainer for head office due to the relatively low contract and the influence #25 has in the nation's capital. Bringing a tough guy presence with a 30+ point upside is certainly worth 3 years at 5.75M.

While Ottawa Paul MacLeaned its way into a new era, it is important to keep a few key pieces of the Sens long journey around. Especially if that key piece isn't afraid of taking a few punches for the team.

Who really believes the Senators will match last years success? I never thought I'd say this but our defense has really taken a blow since losing Kuba. I'm not convinced either Methot or Cowen are the right fit for Karlsson and while our top six looks star studded in a crystal ball, these players will most definitely struggle to adjust to North American play. My message to Bryan Murray...Stay frosty.

If we were willing to chalk this past season up to a rebuild, we can do it this year. The fans will wait and with last years taste, the feeling won't be so bitter. Stay quiet during the trade deadline and remember that these prospects will have another year or two as valuable trade bait before having to prove themselves NHL calibar.

Judging from his past, Mr. Murray knows this well. However, many crack under the pressure of running an organization in a market that wants to win and Ottawa may not be as patient as Edmonton.

Stay frosty Bryan...
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