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So the All-Star draft is over and done with. Yes, Alfredson picked all Sens, Yes Chara picked all Bruins, and Yes the Sedins are going to play together. All of which could have been predicted by any of us who didn't take the time to watch the draft. Not many surprises came about last night. I think the biggest was that Rookie All-Star Colin Greening of the Sens is on "Team Chara", so you can imagine how non dramatic this event was.

So eventful that a lot of media is flocking to the story that Carey Price insulted Chara by not shaking his hand when he was drafted 13th overall. I doubt Price was thinking to himself "Man, I hate Chara, if he drafts me, I'm not going to shake his hand, that'll ruin his season". Nope. If anyone cared to talk to Price, do a bit of research, they'd find that it couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, heres what both Price and Chara had to say about the matter in question.

“I feel shame,” he joked, after walking by without noticing Chara’s outstretched hand. “I gave him a point after, actually, when I walked by. He kind of looked at me funny. I felt bad. He’s a big guy so I was like, ‘Oh, how’d I miss him?’ I was looking down – you know goalies don’t stickhandle with their heads up.”

Far from holding a grudge against his seventh-round selection, after the Draft, Chara was actually shouldering the blame for the on-stage miscue.

“That was my bad – I missed him,” admitted the king-sized Slovak. “I was kind of following the picks and I was trying to look at the computer to see how much time I had and how many picks I had left and he snuck by. No big deal.”

Source: Shauna Denis - writer for canadiens.com

Hence, no hard feeling between the two.

Yes, when they put on their jerseys, they hate each other with a passion that only die hard fans understand, but this is something that I think everyone is looking into a little bit too much. A misunderstanding that would go un-noticed in almost any other market, but hey, it Montreal, it's Boston, and I guess it's expected.

-Andrew Sarrazin
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