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I'm new here...JUST registered.

I've always had this thought...not sure if it's new or not, and I have no idea how a person would go about getting an idea like this to the league, but....

I always felt that a player who just won the Stanley Cup should be recognized for it for the whole year. I know they all get rings, but I mean on the ice.

So...let's take the Blackhawks as an example. (I choose them because they help to illustrate my point due to all the player movement immediately after winning the Cup).

Here's my idea...every player that received a ring also gets to wear a patch on their jersey for the next year (all the way through until the next Cup is awarded). In my opinion this is like a badge they get to wear for the entire year no matter where they go. So all of the players from that Cup winning Chicago team who remained in Chicago would get to wear that patch as well as guys like Byfuglien (on his Thrashers Jersey), Versteeg (on his Leafs/Flyers jersey), Niemi (on his Sharks jersey) etc.

I think that even if a guy ends up playing in the AHL the following season, he should have the patch on his jersey.

This way they are recognized all year long as a member of that championship team.

Just a thought. I would love to know what others think.

Looking forward to the upcoming season....GO SABRES!!!
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