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This week in hockey
Well I am going to start a weekly blog outlining the happenings around the NHL. I know that probably no one will ever read this aside from my wife and I but figured what the heck. It has always been sort of a pipedream of mine to become a sports journalist but with life and bills getting in the way it could never become more than that. Hopefully this blog will allow me to somewhat live the life and have the job I have always wanted without the pay, status, etc.

A little about me
• I am a diehard Toronto Maple Leafs Fan. That being said I consider myself a “realistic” Toronto Maple Leaf Fans. I don’t have the annual feelings of certainty that this is the year the Cup will finally be hoisted in Toronto.
• I am a proud Canadian. I am a firm believer in the importance of hockey to the culture and way of life of being a Canadian. I believe that hockey in many ways shapes the attitudes, views, and beliefs held by Canadians.
• I am pretty knowledgeable about the sport of hockey. Hopefully I will be able to share my views and opinions of the sport of hockey and hopefully you will appreciate them on some level.

This week in hockey has been an incredibly sad one. With training camps just around the corner one would expect this to be a week of penciling in potential line combinations, thinking up blockbuster trades, and predicting playoff outcomes. Instead a tragedy has occurred that hits close to home for all hockey fans. For me hockey is a way to escape the stress of life. For two to three hours every other night I can sit and watch the game I love. The players seem to be god like and untouchable, these super human beings with the skills and speed we only dreamt we were capable of. It’s strange to think that the players and coaches on that Russian flight were probably so excited to open up their season, score their first goal, or get their first win. Instead, their lives ended with no notice, and no chance to say goodbye to their families. It is an incredibly sad end to an incredibly sad summer for the hockey world. I know that I will remember Igor Korolev as a member of the Leafs teams I cheered so loudly for, and being in awe of the skill of Demitra as he played for St. Louis and LA. So many men passing in the prime of their lives while waiting to start another season of the game they loved. It is tragic beyond words.

See you next week.

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