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This is my first HockeyBuzz blog. I couldn't sit quiet anymore.
Marty out, Roberto in please hockey Canada.
I love Martin Brodeur. What honest hockey fan doesn't admire the guy for everything he has meant to the game for the past two decades? Great Job Marty!
But you had a bad game last night.
If they give you another chance, is it possible you turn it around and be solid (and maybe even great) from here on in? Sure, there is a chance. But you had a really bad game last night. And I think it's time to give the other guy a shot.
In the post-game you said, stubbornly, that you felt good in there.
You did not look good.
I love ya Marty, and I can't pretend to know what was going through your head, but it looked almost like you were very high on cocaine in the net last night.
You were way too agro, and it looked like you thought your stick was a superhero. It
was only a hockey stick.
Why were you trying to pokecheck guys in the corner?
Have you secretly been taking up cricket in the off-season?
Based on your play last night, I, for one, would have a hard time believing you're not.
If you haven’t, you probably should.
Pro cricketers can play well into their forties and last night you were doing a bang up job of defending the wicket.
Why were you batting the puck like you were holding a cricket bat?
You were defending a hockey net.
Again, it was a hockey stick.
On the first play of the game, who were you trying to flip the puck to?
That will never fool anyone Marty. Never.
And the two pad stack? I know you are your own man/goalie/cricketer, and you have your own unique style, but do you think you over-used the two pad stack last night? We are not in the eighties anymore Marty. Your not fooling anyone with that one either.
And keep your stick on the ice.

Time to go with Roberto.
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