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So with all the free time ive had on my hands at work with business slowing down /summer coming to an end im usually left with countless hours to surf the net. Unfortunatley all of the good sites are blocked ( Youtube, Yahoo, Hotmail etc) which means im left looking up meaningless stats and reading NHL blogs for the majority of my 8 hour shift. I might as well put all of this unnessesary knowledge towards something mildly productive. Keep in mind this is the view of a die-hard fans perspective in a Hockey crazed city ( Vancouver) that has never won a championship. Without further adieu here are my topics this week.

1) Doughty

Today marks the first day of NHL training camp and this young elite defenseman remains a restricted free agent without a contract. Dean Lombardi has stated that everyday of missed work that passes will lower the value of Drew Doughtys contract, With Deans highest and final offer at 6.8 Mil per season this means out of the 275 day NHL work schedule Drew is forfeiting nearly $25,000 a day. (Thats almost my Yearly Income ). This leads me to believe either one of 2 things. Drew needs to fire his agent or stop smoking all that Compton Crack. The man has a chance to not only play for his favourite childhood team, But be a franchise player on a Stanley cup contender while making 6.8 Mil a season. Stop being such a greedy Hollywood D-Bag and take your 6.8 mil. Dont let Hollywood get the best of you.


For all the haters. Canucks had an amazing season last year and managed to re-sign all of their regular players aside from the head hunting gnome and a German defensive liability. (with all do respect i loved Torres and wish him all the best in Phoenex) and also added a bit of healthy competion to training camp. The fact of the matter is that this team is in great shape. A full season with Higgins/Lapierre and rebound season from Ballard will ease the minor losses just fine. Bring on the hate ...... again, GO NUCKS!!!



1) LA ( Provided Doughty actually re-signs)
2) Vancouver
3) Detroit
4) Chicago
5) Aneheim
6) San jose
7) Edmonton
8) Columbus
9) St Louis
10) Calgary
11) Nashville
12) Minisota
13) Dallas
14) Colarado
15) Phoenex


1) Washington
2) Buffalo
3) Pitsburg
4) New York Rangers
5) Boston
6) Montreal
7) Toronto
8) Tampa Bay
9) Philidelphia
10) Carolina
11) New Jersey
12) Winnipeg
13) New York Islanders
14) Ottawa
15) Florida

Thanks for reading!

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