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Just some quick thoughts before Game 4 of the Rangers-Thrashers series.

I said yesterday that if Jagr had two points last night, the Rangers would win. He had more than that in the first period, and the game was essentially over soon after that.

Absolutely great to see Ryan Callahan score two goals last night. Congrats to him, and hopefully we see a lot more of that from him in the future.

I'm a little bit nervous. Obviously the Rangers are playing very good hockey right now, but when I look at how this series has gone, my excitement is tempered by the following question:
Is this because the Rangers are playing phenomenal hockey? Or are they just playing good hockey against a team who decided not to show up at all?

It may be a combination of both. I will keep my fingers crossed that, assuming something unbelieveable doesn't happen and the Rangers move on to the second round, Tom Renney will have this team ready for the second round. It concerns me that maybe the Thrashers haven't given the Rangers a taste of real playoff hockey, and in the second round New York will be knocked on their backs by a good, hungry team.

However, I try to stay positive, and for now will simply bask in the glory of what should be the first series win in far too long.
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I think the Rangers played very solid hockey in games 1 and 2. I can't use game 3 as an indicator because their opponent did not show up for even a single shift. Assuming you complete the sweep tonight or even if it goes to 5, I still think you have an advantage despite the fact that you aren't forced to play playoff-calibre hockey right now. The advantage is minimal wear and tear. I'd rather have an easy four or five game series in an early round and be forced to step it up against a better opponent than have a brutal 7 game series with OT's and injuries. The fewer games you can play now, the better you will be come semi-finals or finals.
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