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I was just thinking to myself about this. Only time will truly tell but just for the heck of it lets debate this.

Offseason acquisitions- John Scott, Steve Ott, Adam Pardy, Nick Tarnasky,

Departures- Derek Roy, Jochen Hecht, Brad Boyes

The players that were brought in without a doubt play a more rugged style of game, but do they add enough skill to boost the sabres to a playoff berth next year?

Why these moves have not made the team better

Between the three players that are no longer with the team there point total in 2011-2012 was 75. (which really should be higher but injuries affected all three of these players last year) so lets compare that to the 4 players they have signed via free agency/acquired in trades number of 55. that is 20 points lost after these moves. For a team that was 18th in the league in goals for last season they really can not afford to lose valuable points.

Why These moves work.

What is good about these moves is that Darcy is showing a lot of faith in his young players. Grigorenko, Girgensons, Foligno, Ennis, Hodgson are a few of the names i had in mind. Darcy is looking to them to step up next season and form together as a new core.
the players who were brought in via free agency/trades are simply role players. They add some grit to a team that was on the wrong end of the food chain.

In theory the moves should work and i believe the sabres will make the playoffs this year. I believe Mikhail Grigorenko will step up and play in the NHL. The kid has a ridiculous amount of skill. Unfortunately we wont be able to see for ourselves for about 2 and a half months. The good news is that The off-season is not over and the sabres still have time to add some players that can dent the twine through either Free agency(Shane Doan?) or making a trade. (Bobby Ryan?) Either of those guys could help improve the team to become a Stanley Cup contender.
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Love to see Ryan come in fOr staff Adam a first and a prospect or sekera I think that's pretty fair value, as u can compare stafford and Ryan physically but Ryan is the far more consistant of the two. Adam could potentially slot in as a number two center, the pick speaks for itself sekera could come in and replace the points lost from vishnovski jmo
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