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It has come that time of year when everything thinks they can fool the (twitter) world by taking on the persona of different management types. Director of Player Personnel, General Manager, heck even Equipment Manager from time to time show up throughout twitter. But my real question to everyone is this: Do you actually believe what these fakers say? Let's take for example the "Director of Player Personnel" for the Toronto Maple Leafs Luke Williamson. Now, I know what you all must be saying. Doesn't that title belong to Rick Dudley, the one person many believe could and should be the GM of almost any team in the NHL? Well, yes, you would be correct.

This person, Luke Williamson (@LeafsLuke) (Updated: He apparently took it down after several dozen people heckled him for being a phony as well as challenged with his ability to make things sound accurate, STARTING WITH THE NAME ATTACHED TO THE TITLE!!!), tried to give proof that Toronto had traded Luke Schenn, Nazim Kadri, a 1st rd pick (2012), and conditional pick in 2013 for Ryan Miller (Buffalo Sabres). Explain to me how that trade would make sense at all for Toronto? Please, because I can't wrap my head around how someone (not even Burke, who would not make any stupid trade like this to forfeit his present and future in the same deal) would even fathom a deal like this. Of course, if you're Buffalo, you probably take that deal since you have plenty of faith in Jhonnas Enroth, but even you must be sitting there saying to yourself two things. 1: Is this a joke? and 2: Would I actually accept this trade. The one thing here I can give "Luke Williamson" or "@LeafsLuke" credit for here is that is probably close to what any GM in the league would have to offer to get Miller from Buffalo. But last time I looked at Buffalo, they still see Miller as their goalie of the present and near future, and don't need to move him right now. Oh, and let's not forget, Buffalo does have a major cap issue, and it is not like that deal would alleviate their pain (Schenn: 3.6 million, Kadri: 1.72 million + 858K bonus, Miller: 6.25 million, Buffalo cap hit before trade: 0, but they are essentially over, Buffalo cap hit after trade: free up less than 1 million, but it is minimal for their purposes.)(per capgeek.com)

I am sure if I spent some time going through Twitter I could find dozens more guys like this. I remember seeing several other people on his page posting similar stuff claiming to be the "Buffalo etc." or "Anaheim this" or "Montreal that". You get the point though. It is like what was said in a blog posted on this website a few days ago, and what has been echoed throughout twitter recently. Look at the number of followers and look at who they are following. If it is not a name you recognize, there is most likely a reason, because I bet everyone else doesn't know the name either. But all I will leave you with these two foods for thought:

1. Don't try and do what that guy did. You will end up embarrassing yourself in the long-term, not to mention you have 0 credibility to start off with. Everyone will call you out on your mistakes and you will just look foolish. Not to mention people will start to think that you're a low-life for trying to fool people. I mean really guy, is that what your life has come down to? Make up bogus trade decisions and claiming to be someone that you clearly aren't (and that actually isn't in the organization to begin with)?

2. You are being a discrace to those people who actually do the research and talk to the insider people to gather this information. Just think what these people go through trying to gather this information. And what if you decide to fake being one of these rumor reporters? You only make them look bad. So do yourself and everyone else a favor, go find a new hobby or maybe even a life. If your life is spent waiting for the month leading to trade deadline time (and I would hope it's only then and not all year round, God help you if it is) to start making these phony remarks, then your life sucks and good luck with your recovery to normalcy.

For this I bid you all farewell, 'til next time you/I read another tweeter with another bogus trade.

True Blue Pride.

Your "Not So Local" Rangers Fan

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