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In Case you forgot:

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Just in case people forgot who Steve Downie is. http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam...05/10/31/1286377-sun.html
Interesting to see that the guy doesn't even make it to the regular season before he fully establishes himself as a gutless player at the NHL level. Very dissapointing to see rookies potentially destroying the career of the veteran players in the hope they can impress somebody by it. Last year it was Latendresse, this year it is Steve Downie. The question in a case like this though, in the "controversy era" of sports, how is Gary Bettman going to respond? In all likelyhood a 1 or 2 game penalty will be assessed. Based on precedent, a match penalty being asessed generally would lend itself to a suspension of that length. However, is Gary Bettman going to continue the Goodell method of cracking down? It will be interesting to see if the trend of stiff penalties given to Chris Simon and Mark bell continues, or was just an anomaly.
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