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This is my first blog so please bear with me folks.

This season, the Devils have quite the built up system for the first time in many, many years as far as depth goes. We're getting thinner at forward than normal, more talented at defense, and finally and justifiably building up goalie prospects. This is all great news for the near and even far future for call ups with smaller salaries growing as a young, yet cheap team that can produce.

Now, for this season. With the one year deal (and hopefully more soon to come) to Parise, the Devils currently have around $2.6 million of cap space remaining (CapGeek). With 13 deals running out at the end of the season, 4 of which being restricted, the Devils will have an estimated $24.3 million in room to resign and then some if they so choose.

Parise will command around the $6 million number as he is payed now, maybe a little more for incentive to stay, so with Parise staying, the Devils have around a likely $18 million left to work with.

Next level of importance, a severe one, is the goaltender situation, both Brodeur's and Hedberg's deals expire, with Brodeur's recent years of injuries and lower than the in-human levels of previous years performance, if he were to stay his salary would and should decrease substantially, I say he would make no more than $3 million that being high but, hell, this man IS the Devils. The sad part is, I see him leaving for a contender to end his career on a high note. I personally see Kinkaid being called up, or Wedgewood even to become our backup. Now were at $17M remaining, with a need for a starting goaltender.

Onto the forwards, assuming Parise is kept around, Carter, Sykora, Pelley, Janssen and Sestito are UFA's, Palmieri would be a RFA. I suspect Carter will stay if DeBoer is still coach, along with Pelley, Sestito and Palmieri with only Palmieri making slightly more than his current pay, a million per at most. This should leave around $14M left with a need for a bonafide right winger, and at least a middle of the road Center.

4 defender's contracts expire, $1.6M between Fayne, Fraser and Taormina respectively whom I believe will all be resigned for likely the same amounts. Salvador's contract of $2.9M expires, but I do not see him returning.

In the end, with my opinion on who will stay and who will go, and how much they will make, tells me the Devils will have a little over $12M to spend on a solid D-man, a solid RW, and a mediocre C.

Suter and Weber will command too much, and I don't see them leaving Nashville anyhow. I would like Boychuk at a reasonable price, as well as Carle, Mike Green or Carlson. Kotalik, Stempniak or P.A. Parenteau I believe would be a solid addition to our RW issues. Onto to the goaltender scenario...I would absolutely LOVE to see Schneider in a Devils sweater, but Vancouver isn't likely to let him slip away. Same goes for Price in HabTown. Gustavsson likely the same in Toronto. Dan Ellis or Chris Mason would be a solid choice in my eyes, and for a little cheaper than what Huet would command.

The 2012 offseason should be a very interesting ones for Devils fans as well as others. Thank you for the read up and any comments you leave me, if I made any errors I apologize and welcome any correction. Thanks guys, hope this was a good first write-up!

Go Devils! Your's truly,

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