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Colorado, the youngest team in the league, has a bright future. But that future is not being fast-tracked under the direction of GM Greg Sherman or Head coach Joe Sacco. Sherman in order to save his own skin needs to make two moves immediately. One, is fire Sacco and bring in a coach that can work with the young players. Two, is to move Paul Stastny for a solid mix of veterans. I liked the rumour I heard of Derek Roy, Drew Stafford and Andrei Sekera coming from Buffalo for Stastny. Roy and Stafford bring experience and some depth to the second or third line while Sekera would provide some additional experience and leadership that has been left to Hedja and O'Brien that combined have 10 years in the NHL.

I liked coach Sacco when he first arrived in Denver and was willing to overlook rookie coaching mistakes like being called for too many men on a regular basis. However, when these coaching mistakes remain three or four years later, it's time to consider a change. I would like to think Sacco has been an integral part in the surprising surgence of Ryan O'Reilly, but I think Ryan's progress has been more self taught and not necessarily coming from the direction of Sacco and his staff.

With a some changes in the coming weeks (before it's too late), the Avalanche still have a shot at making the play-offs. The ball is in the court of the upper management and ownership of this franchise, so let's see how committed they are to developing a winner...
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