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"Buffalo guy in Norway"
Norway • 2009 Years Old • Male
What costs the Sabres nothing but goes a long way to keeping players happy? Communicating. Communicating with the players, understanding their gripes and being able to listen to them. Do you think that Larry listens to the players? My answer is no.

Drury, Briere and Campbell all took the contract laundry out in the media. I'm sure Ryan Milller will be doing the same on July 1st or maybe during the season. The media is the last resort for players who want to get their point across to the organization. The Sabres are the cheapest team in the league without a doubt but the cheapest way to keep players happy which is good communication but it seems to be their last priority.

A likely scenario is that Tommy G doesn't really care about the team anymore and he gives Larry Quinn free rein to do what he wants as long as he's within a budget. Since Larry has bad communication skills with probably everyone around him it's only a quick deduction that he doesn't talk to the players or cares what they think. They're employees that should obey and not to question authority according to Larry.

The Sabres can right the path back to the playoffs, they could even sign Ryan Miller over the summer if upper management listened and communicated with the players. Larry needs to stop being Charlie in Charlie's Angles and start being more Tom Bradford from Eight is Enough. I doubt it's going to happen so everyone can stay seated.
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