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"Montreal Canadians"
Merritt, BC • Canada •
As Montreal struggles to climb into a playoff spot its apparent they're lacking in more than a few areas of expertise. This year however the PP, offense and the teams toughness and grit have been among the teams problems. However with one move they can drastically improve the teams grit and strength, Colton Orr. Montreal needs a player who can stand up for their superstars and intimidate the opposition. They feel they can rely on Travis Moen for this job but he can not protect the players from guys like Lucic, Horton and Shawn Thornton who torment them. Orr would be able to protect their smaller "finesse" players who otherwise get bullied by the bigger and stronger teams. He can also play the game pretty well for a tough guy and would be a perfect fourth liner, and if somebody took a cheap shot at a player he would stick up for him. The instigator would not affect the team a whole lot as they are currently ranked second on the PK. The Canadians would only be benefited by Orr's presence.
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