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Sabres Sink In Philly

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Pre-game I was talking to a good friend of mine, we both agreed. Buffalo could win tonight. They have been playing fairly well. Philly is banged up. Enroth is well rested. Let's get a W.

We were reassured in the first twenty. Buffalo jumped ahead to a great 2 nothing lead off the stick of our best two players. Our ONLY two players who can score now a days. Pommer. From a nice feed from Myers. Then Vanek, on a scorcher from the top of the ace off circle. End of the first, all looked well.

Then, it all hit the fan. The first goal was deflected late in front of Enroth. Not much he can do about that goal. The next two, D lapses. The Buffalo D let the Philly forwards camp in front of the net like it was the Adirondack Mountains. The Flyers forwards just out hustled and muscled our D in the paint and fought for the rebounds. Enroth is pulled. Why? Those goals were not his fault. Lindy just destroyed whatever confidence young Enroth had left.

Down 4-2 headed into the 3rd, the Sabres do not have that tall of an order. We have come back from 2 goals before(see Dallas). So instead of going out and playing with heart and like your season depended on it, you go out and play house hockey. Dumb turnovers, missed chances, lazy penalties. You name, it has all happened this season to the Buffalo Sabres.

It makes me cringe knowing nothing is going to happen. We all know. The fans of Buffalo deserve a big name here. Will we get one? Not until the offseason. If that happens. Will there be management change? Yeah right. Dream on. Pegula's vision of Darcy and Lindy is clouded. We can not win with our current lineup. Why? well let us see.

1.) No secondary scoring. Sure, players can go into a drought, or a lull, but our "top 6 forwards" have gone into a COMA. Stafford scored 30 last year? he is on pace to finish with less than 20. Gerbe, Roy, Ennis? LEINO? Anybody find these faces. Because they can not seem to find the score sheet like they are getting paid to do.

2.) Mental Errors/Mental Toughness. The team can not handle the smallest bit of diversity. They curl up, and wallow in their misery. Woah is me, seems to be a common theme.

3.) The cliche, Defense wins championships. Our Defense can not even win a game right now. Why? mental mistakes. Blown Coverage. I don't think Erhoff or Leo could hit the broad side of a barn from the point. Every shot is "just wide".

What can be done? It has been said before. REBUILD. SELL SELL SELL. Roy, gone. Staff, gone. Weber, gone. Sekera, questionable. Grags, questionable. Boyes, gone. This team needs 2 scorers on this team, ASAP. We have relied on Pommer and Vanek all season long, and of late, Miller's goaltending. They have kept us in games. Lindy Ruff's system is also not working.

THis organization needs to be blown up, and reassembled. Pegula needs to play 52 pickup in Hockey Heavan, because the fans of Buffalo deserve a winning product on the ice.
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