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It's becoming more apparent everyday that the Chicago Blackhawks need to do something to bolster their depth on the blue line and for the team all around in a general sense. This sounds ridiculous (I second guess myself sometimes) when the hawks have 6 players with 10+ goals, but the most deceiving and most important stat in hockey isn't goals and assists, its plus/minus. Not to pick on anyone player but you cannot win the cup with a player that has a -9 rating a few -6 and various others. The salary cap destroyed our beloved hawks of 2010 but now with cap space and a good amount of good/decent prospects that the potential to become everyday Nhl'ers (maybe not stars, but starters) that a large move at the deadline must be made to return to the elite status of 2010.

It seems a stretch when you are tied for 2nd overall in the league but I beg you to ask the question just how tough has our schedule been? Fact we have played a grueling 49 games up to this point with an astounding 29 wins, but another fact remains we have 9 wins against teams that have a record over 500 and also 9 loses against those same teams over 500. That will not get it done in the playoffs, never have never will, and our schedule is about to get a whole lot tougher with a future 9 game road trip that features some of the NHL elite including our nemesis Vancouver and the good team that plays in New York (Rangers). To bring my long winded point into full circle with the injury bug pestering, the incredibly tough future schedule, and the feeling every time you watch this team win lose or draw, something is inevitably missing a major move must be made at the deadline. Although I like Frolik, another Campoli, Frolik deadline move and we might as well give the cup back to boston again.

Any agreeing or opposing thoughts?

thanks for reading


J. Stroberg
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