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Price is Right?

Posted 6:17 PM ET | Comments 0
(Disclaimer- I am not an English Major. You have been warned)

So what to do now? The Flyers have played 8 rookies versus the Bruins and it goes to a shootout. 8 Rookies.. 8.. and took the team that is considered one of the toughest to a shootout. This speaks volumes of the heart of one of the best, hardest working blue collar teams (Flyers). With all of that being said.. how many more players are we going to lose? Is it time to pull the trigger on a trade? I don't know.

Speculative rumors had JVR going to Toronto for Luke Schenn. I think that would have been a decent trade. Nothing against JVR (and I am far from trading away blue chip players) but I haven't seen anything spectacular from him this year. In a team that needs another shut down defender.. a young Shenn may be a good acquisition, and for a one for one trade.. sounds ok to me. Am I an idiot that needs to wait another year for JVR to 'blossom' into the uber-forward he was in last years Playoffs.. (sigh)..who knows. I would love to have Weber.. but don't want to make another Lindros trade (love ya 88, and i have your jersey.. really). 4 to 5 players for anyone other then the 'Great One' in his prime is too much now a days and look at what we did with this years first round pick. The Flyers have traded too many first round picks for players that were good.. but not the equivalent of what we could have had.

Then their is the talk that we are looking at resigning 'Jags' for another year. I am torn on this. This is obviously the 'mature' version of the once great, 'do everything', scorer. He is a great role model, that can get SOME things done.. but not that guy from the 90's. If he returns it BETTER not be for $3.3 mil.. Paul do you hear me.. don't do it. Look for a guy like Shane Doan.. he is a better, still capable, first liner. He may cost us a boatload of cash.. but you get what you pay for. And he is a great leader in the locker room as well.

Danny B. and the $6 Mil. Love ya Danny.. but you are not the guy that was at the table signing the contract at the time. We make these colossal contracts for huge money for long periods of time.. and I don't know why. There are teams out there looking for a scoring presence.. maybe a trade would be good for Danny.. maybe he would get his touch back to that $6 mil level. People like Danny and Jags have the potential of costing us guys like Jakob and Wayne Simmonds. While not prolific (40 goal guys) these are blue collar, 2nd and 3rd line guys that we need to confound opposing coaches and D Men. These guys are the 20-25 goal scorers that sneak in when the D isn't looking, to create deflections or clean up the blue paint of deflections. And when I saw.. WATCHED in person.. Wayne knock out Brewer.. I knew that he was a Flyer.. true and true. And trade speculation has us trading Jakub for picks.. or space.. we better only be trading Jakub for Bernier.. after we trade Bry.... oh.. I haven't gotten to that yet.

Ilya, a 2020 Space Odyssey. Our little, albeit expensive, space cadet. Did a somewhat bang up job to the Bruins.. but they took him to his weakness.. shootouts. Isn't a 1-1 a dream for goalies, over a 2-1 or 3-1? Shouldn't the goalie be good with squaring up on a shooter, that he can see, is bearing down.. and IS going to get an unscreened shot on the goalie. And yet Bryz is 5 for 5.. 5 goals in 5 attempts. I wanna be positive.. but when you look at CapGeek and see that contract.. for that money.. for that many years and then look at NHL.com.. you see the ugly truth of his GAA. I dream of a Hextall Rookie season in 2012.. on really.. a nightly basis.. his backup a young Pelle Lindburg. What to do.. what to do.. dump/run and hope... or stick/pray and keep him the hell away from cameras.. good god, SHUT UP, man!! I hear Vokoun is open this summer.. maybe a good mentor for young Bobrovsky. Lundquist was.. like 4 or 5 picks after the Flyers took Chechmanek... wow.. so close.. LA may take Schenn, Vorachek, and a pick for Bernier and Loktinov.. Tampa needs a goaltender I hear.. hmm.. Malone anyone?

Anywho.. I will continue to plug away on NHL12 and see what i can get for the players that would be great Flyers (Dustin Brown, Burish, Suter or even Rick Nash). Keep us in the blue collar, hard working hockey players that give night after night ('Hart'nell, Timonen, Simmonds, Talbot, and G). But pull the trigger on a good beneficial trade only..in the words of a great game-show host.. 'IF the Price is Right'.
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