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Last night was a perfect example of why Real Flames Fans like Iginla.

Everyone has been on his case for not scoring in 6 games. For not scoring against San Jose. Asking questions like "What kind of a leader is he if he isn't scoring?"

Calgary's 5th goal against the Islanders was a perfect example. Iggy brings the puck around the back of the net while all the Islanders were in line at Starbuck's and has the perfect chance to silence his critics. Put the puck in the net and everyone goes home happy that Iggy has scored.

What does he do?

He dishes the puck to Adam Pardy and Adam pots his first goal in the NHL.

If you ask me it is that kind of Leadership that is needed. I'm sure that if it was Bourque or Glencross then Iggy puts it in the net. But he had the presence of mind to see that it was Pardy and realize it was a perfect chance for him to score a goal.

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January 9, 2009 4:50 PM ET | Delete
If any Flames fan doesn't want Iginla, there are 29 other teams that would take him in a heart beat. I can't imagine a list of the top NHL players that does not have Iginla in the top 5. Good ole Edmonton boy, we want him back.
January 12, 2009 12:02 AM ET | Delete
I'm sure you do...but you have a pretty good stable right now. There's just something that isn't clicking.
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