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Consistency is typically an attribute that most people hope to have.

No matter the subject matter, to be consistent is usually viewed as a positive. That is of course unless you are being consistently, inconsistent.

For the Philadelphia Flyers, the one constant for their team this season has been just that.

However, not in the way that it sounds.

While the team has struggled at times to put together complete efforts, their biggest consistency problems are not in reference to their performance, but rather to their lineup.

Injuries have proven to ravage the team’s already depleted roster, leaving them with a new combination of players almost every other week.

Sometimes, it’s every other game.

With 82 games in the regular season, almost every team in the NHL needs to battle the injury bug at some point in time.

The Flyers on the other hand have had to deal with it all season.

For many other teams, the injuries may have caused the season to go down the tubes, but for the Flyers the injuries have largely failed to have any effect.

In fact, for some players the injuries have allowed them to crack a lineup that they may have never had a chance to play in.

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