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As everyone in the hockey world probably knows by now, the Finnish Flash, AKA Teemu Selanne, will continue his HHOF worthy career for at least one more season. As a fan of the game of hockey and him being probably my favorite player to ever lace 'em up, this makes me happy.

Being a first round draft pick of the Winnepeg Jets in 1988(10th overall) it took a few years of him playing in his native Finland before he burst into the NHL in 92/93. Burst may be an understatement...he more accurately spontaneously combusted, scoring 76 goals as a rookie. SEVENTY SIX FREAKING GOALS...AS A ROOKIE!

I was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, so I grew up watching arguably the most exciting player to put on skates in Pavel Bure. His career was cut short and even though he had two 60 and two just shy(59, 58) goal seasons the Russian Rocket couldn't even equal those numbers. Keep in mind, Bure broke into the league just one year before Selanne, so they basically played during the same era. Bure had more pure talent, but Teemu had/has more durability and has put up more than PPG numbers during his career. This isn't meant to take away from Pavel, but to put into perspective what Selanne actually has done in his career. Again...76 goals in his rookie season, if I didn't make it clear enough is rather insane.

From that first season on, Selanne became my favorite player and most sought after trading cards when my friends and I would get together to play GM with our collections. I miss those days.

Stay tuned for part 2 in the near future which will cover more stats and accomplishments than fond memories and flabbergastedness of the rookie numbers.
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