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Mats Sundin Trade

Posted 5:26 PM ET | Comments 0
Now, i'm a guy who likes making predictions, typically my predictions are wrong, but i still make them nonethless. So i figured i would go ahead and make my prediction on what the Sundin trade will look like. So here it is:

To Toronto:
roster player
1st tier prospect
2nd tier prospect
1st round pick in 2008
3rd round pick in 2008

To Team TBD:
Mats Sundin
roster player

It has been reported by EK himself that the other team would want someone to come along with Sundin, so thats why i threw in that roster player. And Toronto would probably want a roster player too. Both roster players will probably be 3rd liners.
So now i want to hear what you guys think. Is my prediction reasonable? Or is Sundin getting too much/not enough return?
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