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Just going to start by saying that this is my first blog so hopefully I dont make a mess of this.

Well as im sure we are all aware, Eklund reported a possible rumor between the Sabres and the Oilers. Ill attempt to break it down here.

Sabres: The Rumor suggests that the Sabres would be sending a "significant defenceman." Lets start by saying it wont be Myers or Ehrhoff. Myers is untouchable and Ehrhoff just signed long term. I dont see it being Regehr either seeing as they just acquired him. I feel Sekera is the guy that would be heading to Edmonton in this deal. The other part of the deal was a prospect or possibly Enroth as well. From an Edmonton perspective im not sure Enroth would make sense unless the sabres would take back Khabibulin. The Oilers made it clear when they signed Dubnyk to his contract that he would be the starter this season.

Oilers: The Oilers part of this rumour suggests a "young star top 6 center" and a "third line young player who many feel has top six potential." There are 2 players on the Oilers roster that fall under the "young top 6 center" category and they would be Nugent-Hopkins and Gagner. Much like Myers, RNH is an untouchable for edmonton so that leaves us with Gagner (I know, another Gagner trade). Now for the third liner many people have been saying eager but I feel is would be either Hartikainen or Paajarvi. Both I feel are third liners right now that could be very good top 6 players in there career.

So to sum it up the trade may look like this:

To Edmonton: Sekera, Enroth

To Buffalo: Gagner, Paajarvi or Hartikainen. (Possibly receiving a goalie as well)

Lets hear what you guys think!
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