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Well, as an avid Oiler fan I've finally wiped the tears from my face after a horrible end to the season from hell. All I can do now is wait for the summer trades to start and see how we make out in the draft. It sorta feels like Christmas when I was a kid...It seems like it's NEVER going to be Christmas Day, almost like the clocks spin backwards. But I can be patient and wait for Kevin Lowe to work some magic. I have complete faith in his abilities to get our team back on track.

Here's a list some of the things I'd like to see happen in the next couple months and progressing into next season. If they don't...no big deal...but it'd be nice:

1. Anaheim to make it to final. (we need that extra 1st round pick in '08)

2. Pickup of a top line scorer via trade, ufa whatever...just get one.

3. Same goes for a top dman...preferably one that can put a couple pucks in the net every now and then.

5. Having myself win a million dollars.

6. Have a number 4 on my wish list.

7. Trade Raffi Torres. I think he's a great player...but his sporatic lack of effort...vexes me...terribly. Vexing sucks.

8. Maybe it's time to put Gator down. He's too slow for the new NHL...love his work ethic, leadership and smile....but we need a more mobile defenseman.

9. Finally have the show 24 come to an end already. I mean how many days are there in a year?

10. Don't sell the team to Katz...he got to name the building...that's enough.

11. Ensure a damn penalty clock on the PPV broadcasts. I hate when they don't put one up. I mean ...'the hell.

12. Give Mac T a chance to get things under control. Not even Jack Adams himself could have dealt with what he had to go thru this season in terms of injuries, appocolyptic trades, leaving prongers...er um...players etc etc etc.

13. Lock up Smid for a long long time. He's gonna be good.

14. Don't give up on Lupul. I think the pressure of coming back to home to play NHL hockey was too much for the guy. I expect the failure (if you can even call 16 goals for a 2nd year player a "failure" of this season will be sufficient motivation to come back stronger, faster and more focused.

Alrighty...that's about it for now.

Peace out.

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