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No Nash in NY

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All this talk about Rick Nash in NY is driving me nuts. There is no need for a Nash in NY. Why not settle for a Derek Roy or a P.A Parenteau for less? No need to bust up our system with either of them. Roy (4 Million) needs a new place to play hockey and get back on track and produce like he's known to. Parenteau (1.25 Million) is playing well and would probably play better in MSG with the Rangers. I also just read the Dustin Brown (3.175 Million) might be available, great hockey player and he comes at a fraction of the cost Nash does. Maybe they could go after another D aswell and kill two birds with one stone instead of just grabbing Nash and his big contract.

These are a few guys I'd say we cud get rid of without hurting our chemistry.

Dubinsky, Wolski, Woywitka, Stralman, Thomas, 2nd, 3rd, round picks. Depending what they are trading for (F or D)

Zidlicky and or Visnovsky cud help our PP tremendously in my eyes. The problem with both of them is they are having crappy seasons with their respective teams and could benefit from a new home, especially one called MSG.

I hope Sather thinks all his thoughts thru carefully before making a decision on what he's going to do by the deadline as I know he is going after someone, it's just a matter of WHO. It will kill me to see him move guys like Kreider, Stepan, Miller. Guys like this we need in the future so we can win some more cups in New York.

That's all for now and hope to hear everyone's views on the Rangers leading up to the deadline.

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