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Buh bye NJ, hello Florida! • United States • 52 Years Old • Male
Eastern Conference playoff teams
NY Rangers
NY Islanders

Western Conference playoff teams
St. Louis
Los Angeles

Conference finals
Anaheim over Nashville
Washington over Tampa

Cup Finals: Anaheim over Washington

Point in the season where Leaf fans realize they aren't making the playoffs: October 8th.

First Coach fired: Mike Johnston

First time a Pens fan freaks out cause someone touched Crosby: 8:47pm on 10/08

Biggest disappointment (team): Boston Bruins
Biggest disappointment (player): Connor McDavid, heck he needs to score 65 goals and 140 points to just come close to the hype!!

Where does Jagr get sent at the trade deadline: Washington. He then goes out and scores 7 points in 6 games as the Caps take out the Pens in round one.

Next player to get suspended: Zac Rinaldo

Norris trophy winner: Erik Karlsson
Guy who SHOULD win the Norris trophy: Shea Weber

Day Leaf fans start throwing themselves off of bridges: It will be on January 12th, right after Yzerman announces signing Stamkos to a contract extension

And finally, the biggest story of the NHL season will be: Gary Bettman revealed to actually be a fembot.

Man, the NHL season can't start soon enough.
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