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Oilers should this

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1. I think the oilers should draft yakupov and 32nd pick draft pick the best player available or try to trade that pick up to get someone better

2. Trade for Braden holtby. He is playing so awesome right now him and dubie can fight for starter buy out bulins contract and then trade for one of capitals top Dmen

3.sign Matt carle Or wideman sign jarret stoll get rid of horcoff some how sign some players with grit

4. Don't sign back Ryan smyth let him go to Calgary with all the other washed up players are

5. Make sutter your head coach sutter is great with young kids and renny your asst.

6. Give Steve 3 year ext to see if he can turn this team to a cup contender

7. I believe the oilers will be the first team to bring the cup back to Canada
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