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Cup Finals Storylines

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-Expect two questions to abound for New Jersey throughout the Stanley Cup Finals: 1. Will Martin Brodeur retire should the Devils win the Cup? 2: Where will Zach Parise be playing next season? (although, it's seeming more likely that he will be staying in New Jersey).

-How will the Devils adapt their style of play to Los Angeles after facing the passive approach of the Rangers?

-Can Martin Brodeur continue coming up with big saves when the Devils need it most?

-Will the Los Angeles media finally figure out what the Kings' logo and mascot look like?

-How many times will we hear that an American captain will be presented the Stanley Cup?

-Expect Philadelphia fans to throw their support behind Los Angeles even more with the Devils' now the Kings' opponents.

-How will the Devils solve Jonathan Quick? The Devils are more of attacking team than the Kings faced in the last two rounds and, unlike Vancouver, the Devils have a backbone as well as a defense.

-Will the Devils be able to quell Dustin Brown?

-Can Los Angeles get their power play on track against what should be a strong Devils' penalty kill?

-How will the Kings handle Zach Parise and Ilya Kovalchuk?

-Will David Clarkson have a bigger impact against the Kings than he did against the Rangers?

-How will the Devils handle LA's dynamic Anze Kopitar?

-Both teams boast strong checking lines that are capable of frustrating the opposition and generating timely offense.

-The battle down the middle will be intriguing with Kopitar-Richards-Stoll and Zajac-Elias-Josefson? On paper, advantage goes to LA.

-Can Jeff Carter show up for more than one game? He has a deserved reputation as someone that disappears in the playoffs, no better time like the present to erase a poor performance from 2010's loss to Chicago.

-Does Jonathan Quick win the Conn Smythe even if the Kings' lose?

-This run to the Cup Finals could not have come at a better time for the Devils, who are swimming in hundreds of millions of dollars of debt.

-Will Gary Bettman get over not having the coveted Los Angeles-New York final that he desired so deeply?

-Will the national media in the United States, ESPN primarily, cease mentioning the fact that there is an 8 seed playing a 6 seed. Since most at ESPN don't know acknowledge hockey exists, it will surely be lost on them that the Kings were two points away from being the 3 seed and the Devils were tied with Boston for the fourth-most points in the Eastern Conference.

-Devils in 7. Conn Smyth to Brodeur.

Dan Pennucci
Twitter @dpennucci
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