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My Intro - My New Blog

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I have been chomping at the bit now for about two and a half years and finally did something about it today. I was at one point in my life a paid hockey writer. Not paid very much mind you, but monthly deposits were being sent to my Paypal account. I had the glorious task of being a staff writer for Hockey's Future. My main beat was the Minnesota Wild. Think about that for a second. Hockey's Future -- --- -- Minnesota Wild. Back a couple of years ago the two had nothing in common. Minnesota had the worst group of prospects in the NHL. How many articles can someone write about how great Tyler Cuma might become or how well Colton Gillies is coming along? According to my editor at HF, at least one a month. What made it worse was the fact that Minnesota Wild fans, or at least the few that read Hockey's Future, were the worst kind of homers. "Nick Leddy is a stud!!!" How did that work out for you guys? I could do nothing right with them. My articles were re-posted on every Wild blog in the net. Most of the comments were negative. I am ok with that. I knew that there was nothing I could write that would change the fact that the Wild had one of the bummiest group of kids in their system in the history of the league.

As I got better at the HF game and gained a little more respect among the staff, I was eventually given on a part-time basis the Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers beats. I could of cared less about the Sens and Wild. They may be the two most boring teams in the league to write about. The Oilers on the other had, that was the break I had been waiting for. My first duty was to fix the messed up top 20 prospect list. It wasn't bad, but there was one huge issue for me at the top. MPS was ranked higher than Eberle. I fought on the staff message board for a week to have that changed. It eventually was although I wasn't around to say "I told you so" when Eberle started ripping up the league.

My time at HF was fun. I learned a ton about writing (although you wouldn't say it reading this) and blogging. I look forward to getting back on the horse and writing up a storm here on Myhockeybuzz. I will be writing about the Oilers and hopefully will fit right in with the fine group of Oilers bloggers already on here.

Thanks for reading my very informal intro. I hope you check out my following articles and please feel free to comment on them.

May 22, 2012 11:51 AM ET | Delete
FWIW, Nick Leddy has a very high ceiling. He needs to get better handling a hard forecheck. Other than that, all kinds of ability. And he's young. All roads lead somewhere. I used to write for HF and still do on occasion. It's good training.
May 24, 2012 9:43 AM ET | Delete
hey there and welcome! we could use more Wild stuff around here. I'll be reading and watching closely. cheers
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