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Bros, This is my first post on Hockeybuzz.com and i thought I would introduce myself to plethora of readers i am sure i have acquired. I am like many of you out there, a Toronto Maple Leaf fan. For almost a decade we have not seen the light of the playoffs, and im starting to get pretty rattled. No team deserves a drought like this, let alone the most popular, and one of the most storied franchises in the history of the game. I am not one to sit here and tell you they are they best team in the league or the best of all time so Let's not get the purpose of my blog confused, I am not some Pipe dream fan boy with his head up his ass. I consider myself a realist, and will attempt to articulate to you, my audience ; my opinions on the trials and tribulations that we experience in the Heart of Leaf's Nation; good or bad. I will tell you all how i think the team should be built, how the team should be run and who I think will muck in the corners and go back bar saturday nights and if you care to disagree? The reply and let me know how you feel, I love nothing more to hear other peoples opinions. I Live eat and breathe toronto maple leafs every single day of my life. Not as day goes by do I not think of ways that my club could improve, and now I have a place to write these down; in the confessions of a diehard.

In Burke We Trust
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