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The Magic of Brodeur

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Few can argue that Martin Brodeur has had a magical NHL career. Over his brilliant 18 years in the league, he is a three time Stanley Cup winner, four time Vezina Trophy winner, the all time wins leader, and all time shut out leader. He has led Team Canada to Olympic Gold, and has been the the face of the New Jersey Devils Franchise for the better part of 20 years. And has done it with such grace and class that few elite athletes have ever shown. But what he is doing in the 2012 NHL playoffs may be his best magic trick yet. Coming into the Stanley Cup Finals, all the talk was of Jonathan Quick of the Los Angeles Kings and his spectacular play during the first 3 rounds of the playoffs. And deservedly so, he was spectacular. Even after the first 2 games in New Jersey, both 2-1 LA wins in overtime, Brodeur seemed to be forgotten in the wake of Quicks performance. However the last 2 games have shown The Magic of Martin Brodeur. He has been nothing short of spectacular, playing a style of goaltending only he could play. He is confusing the Kings shooters, making them think a split second longer before they shoot. With pad stacks, poke checks and a lethal glove hand, coupled with some friendly posts, we are witnessing vintage Brodeur. But the real Magic of Brodeur is his compete level and passion to win, especially after the controversial game three goal. Many had written the Devils off and were planning the Kings Stanley cup parade. But Brodeur seemed to use this as motivation, heck something else to add to his legacy, only the second team in NHL history to come back from 3-0 down to win the Stanley Cup. In a totally unpredictable playoff year, one thing remains constant. The Magic of Brodeur.
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